April 11, 2010

How to photograph your baby like a pro

by Lifestyle Expert, Kimmie Dillon

One of the classic rites of parenthood is photographing the baby. Capturing those amazingly precious early days will be rewarding for generations to come. Here are some professional pointers to take your everyday snapshots to a new level.

Move in
This is one of the most important tips to create classic images. Most amateurs make the mistake of shooting from a distance. As a result, your baby typically gets lost amidst the clutter of an area. Instead, force yourself to get closer. While it may feel more comfortable to stand back, push yourself to move into their “space.” If your camera has a good zoom lens, use it to crop out everything but your baby. By following this one simple tip, you’ll capture your baby’s special personality and features.

Shoot and keep shooting!
Since we’re not shooting film anymore, there’s no reason to take only a few shots. Photographing a baby can require numerous images to get that perfect look. This is where quantity really leads to quality. With a digital camera, don’t be afraid to fill up your camera’s memory in one attempt. With photographing babies, the more pictures you take the better chance of catching that perfect moment.

Flip off the flash
What, you say? Flash lights up your subject so you can see it better, right? Well not in this situation. The cold flash of your camera will destroy your pictures. To take classic baby photographs, stick to natural light from a window or doorway. Your baby will look beautiful.

Capture the moments
Nobody grins all of the time. Not even your baby! It’s ok to capture a pout or mood, especially in baby photography. Getting that cooperative smile can present a special challenge. A rested and fed baby usually makes for the best “happy time.” Having your baby’s favorite toy can help to breakout a big smile. It also helps to have someone else stand close to encourage that precious grin. Remain patient and shoot fast. This is where using the “continuous shooting mode” on your digital camera can really help you capture that perfect image!

Don’t give up!
If you don’t capture your ideal shot the first session, keep trying! You’ll get that beautiful baby shot eventually. And remember, babies change every day so always keep your camera nearby. Make photographing your baby part of your new routine to track all of his or her phases and firsts.

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