June 27, 2010

Active Kids-getting them up and off the couch

by Lifestyle Expert, Kimmie Dillon

Today’s lifestyle for children is different than it was when we were kids. The internet, handheld gaming devices and every possible type of show on TV helps to keep them inactive. Here are some ideas to get your kids up off the couch and outside into the autumn air.

Set an example-If we want active kids, then we as parents need to be active. Go for a brisk walk. Ride bikes together. Even start planning play dates at the park. We are a role model for our children and need to set a good example by leading a physically active life.

Limiting TV-One way to increase your child’s activity level is to limit the amount of screen time they are allowed to watch each day. This includes television, gaming and texting. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than 2 hours a day of quality programming. To make this even easier, avoid placing a television inside of your child’s room and limit the amount of text messaging.

Enroll them in some type of physical sport or activity-Let your children see how enjoyable sporting activities can be. Allow your child to have an active role in choosing the sport. Whether it’s a team sport or individual activity, they’ll make new friends while enjoying the health benefits. Show your support by buying the necessary accessories (like special shoes, shin guards, helmets, ballet shoes, racquets, gear, etc.) Be ready to drive them to lessons and practices. Then cheer them on when they show their stuff!

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