April 8, 2010

A Fresh and Edible Table Centerpiece

by Kimmie Dillon

I always enjoy creating edible centerpieces and now you can, too. This eye-catching flowery fruit bouquet is both beautiful and tasty. It’s also a healthy counterpoint to sweet treats. Who knows, maybe you could substitute it for that cupcake tower at your child’s next celebration?!

Using cookie cutters and a paring knife, create cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew into floral shapes. Cut the tops off of strawberries. Now thread skewers into the melon pieces. Add grapes and berries for an additional splash of color. Enjoy being creative with a variety of fruits!

For the base, I used a head of red cabbage that I had in the fridge. You could also use the rind from your halved melon.
Place into a basket or on a plate and get ready to create your new fruit bouquet! Simply imagine the fruit stems just like a floral arrangement then start poking in the skewers. Add height, fullness and dimension. 

Finishing touches could also include sliced lemons, rinsed leaves and chocolate dipped strawberries. Serve with little bowls of fruit dip or yogurt. On the flip side, I’ve also demonstrated this with veggies and ranch dip!

Enjoy this simple and sensible new d├ęcor along with our springtime weather. Great for some healthy snacking, too!

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