October 2, 2010

Recycled Can Luminaries

by Kimmie Dillon-DIY expert
Recycled Can Luminaries - Halloween

This craft is a great way to re-use your food cans. You can light up your walkway or countertop and let your guests know you are in the holiday spirit.


Recycled Can Luminaries - frozen

Recycled Can Luminaries - drilling can

Recycled Can Luminaries - glowing

These luminaries add such a festive welcome. You can paint some of them black like I did here. Add a candle or battery light in the bottom. These recycled can luminaries will work for the winter holidays, too!

Print or draw out a simple outline of a design. I used a trendy skull, bat and jack-o-lantern. Tape the design onto your now frozen can. Now you know I love power tools, so here’s where a drill comes in handy! However, if you don’t have one, a hammer and nail will work just fine. Start drilling “dots” around your pattern. Whether you’re using a drill or hammer and nail, be careful. Again, this is where the ice will keep the can from collapsing. Pull the paper pattern off and check the design. Recycled and really cool!

Once your can is clean and label-free, fill with water. Freeze. Make sure to leave about an inch at the top for ice expansion. You don’t want an unexpected mess in your freezer! The reason I recommend this step is to make drilling through the can much easier. The ice will act as a barrier and make the drilling safer.

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