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From an early age, I’ve been into fishing. There’s something about being outdoors (usually in the boonies) that is very mesmerizing to me. This is not to say that once I get there I’m asleep at my rod. NO WAY! It’s quite the opposite.
The other thing that really attracts me to fishing is the enormous sense of optimism and potential that I feel. Every time I head to the water, it doesn’t matter what the results of my last fishing trip were, I’m confident. When I’m walking down to a creek for the first time or driving a boat toward the open water, I’m anticipating how that fish will feel on my line. Any prior trips that were less than successful are somehow temporarily erased from my memory. It’s like going back to childhood where your spirit was completely intact. As we grow up, society can squash parts of our spirit. With our day-to-day lives of repetition and routine, pure optimism is not overly common in today’s world. But for some reason, fishing brings me back to childhood and my overwhelming sense of hope. YOU should try it!

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It does not matter where you live, there’s a place to go fishing. Within a few hours, there’s always an ocean, lake, stream or city pond. And although you may not catch a fish every time, you will have a wonderful experience trying. Many anglers strictly prefer catch-and-release. Others take their fish home and cook up a tasty meal. Either way the choice is up to you. What’s important is that you get outside in the fresh air and feel that sense of potential you remember as a child.

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Speaking of children, kids seem to go nuts over this sport. I especially enjoy the spending time with my child when we have a chance to get out on the water for a few hours. Talk about the memories that we have! We are both knowledgeable yet always still learning together. He gets so excited to try a new lure or bait. And I must admit…oh, there’s that optimism again…we are always hoping to catch that big one!
I know you’ve heard of the saying: “A bad day fishing is better than a good day at the office.” It’s true.