March 6, 2009

Fabulous and Fresh: Fruit & Veggie Centerpieces

While temperatures outside may be rising, our decorating budgets are doing just the opposite. Times are lean, but that doesn’t mean your creativity has to plunge like the economy.

Here are some quick and inexpensive projects that you can make yourself.

One of my favorite ways to put winter in the rearview mirror and bring an instant uplift to the home is with fresh fruit. Incorporating fruit into a centerpiece or arrangement is a hot trend now that also soothes our senses. You can create simple, professional-looking decorations in a matter of minutes.

Here are just a few of my examples:

Dress up a plain dinner table with some bright hues. Using citrus from the tree and lemons from the farmer’s market, this table is cheery and light. Look through your own produce bin in your fridge-you never know what you might find.

Next, select a container or platter for your centerpiece; layering is even better! And remember for deeper bowls, you don’t need to waste fruit at the bottom. Use crumpled paper or foam for bulk and then layer your pretty fruit on top.

A fruit and veggie centerpiece can also doulble as an appetizer plate!   

Start by shopping your local produce aisle for fresh, organic veggies.  Pick a color theme and create a healthy, decorative tray.  Once all of your veggies are washed and dried, arrange by colors.  You can even line the bottom with cabbage leaves.  Offer an array of dips in hollow-out bell peppers or squash.  Now your guests can really enjoy "vegging out!"  

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